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I am thrilled that you are considering working with me. As a busy professional myself, I know that it is not always possible to attend every class you’d like, even though you know the difference it can make on your physical and mental health. This is why I have several ways that you can incorporate yoga and meditation into your life. You may choose to attend a group class, consult with me virtually, or take a private class when it’s most convenient for you.

If you are new and are not sure where to start, may I suggest scheduling a free one-hour virtual consultation with me HERE. Over a one-hour Skype call, we’ll chat about your current struggles, if yoga and meditation can help, and which of my offerings may be best for you.

Group classes are a great way to gain support and understanding in a noncompetitive environment. I teach adults and children in several locations and each class is specific to the individual students. Ready to start? Check out my schedule and stop by!

Maybe the thought of practicing in a group brings about anxiety or maybe your schedule is packed so tight that traveling to a yoga class is just not in the cards. This is why I offer virtual consultations and private classes. See which works best for you.

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Kristen is versatile. She sees what the class needs and adapts her teaching. I also like that she personalizes each session. She give us different pose possibilities and allows us to decide how far we can go. I also love that she comes around and makes adjustments to our bodies while in poses. It gives me confidence to know that I am in the right position.

Vanessa Ruiz

Owner, Tamiami Subs

Group Classes

I teach adult and children’s classes in various Miami locations. Each class is specifically designed for the students in attendance.

Group classes could be for you if…

  • You enjoy the accountability & support offered by your peers
  • You learn better when several people are asking questions
  • You revel in camaraderie, which helps you reach your goals

Find out which group class works best for you.

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In-Home Private

Private classes are an excellent option if you are looking for more in depth work. Generally, these classes are reserved for current students, but occasionally I open up spots for new clients.

My private clients include:

  • Adult and child athletes looking to gain that competitive edge
  • Students with some physical limitations that need a more customized approach
  • Busy moms with no time to sleep, much less drive out to a yoga class
  • Families that want to connect and get healthy together

To see if we’re a match, schedule a free virtual session today.

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Virtual Private

Virtual Private Sessions are performed over a one-hour Skype call. We will explore your current struggles and create a daily yoga and meditation practice to help overcome them. This option is for you if…

  • Group classes make you anxious
  • You are coping with a particular problem and are seeking alternative tools
  • You want to know how to make yoga and meditation part of your every day life
  • You’ve been struggling to find direction and could use additional support and guidance.

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